360 Video & Virtual Reality Production

Virtual Reality experts to bring your experience to life. Put your customers in a world they will never forget!

We work across technologies to create the right experience for you. From script to screen we offer, 360 filming, 360 CGI, animation and immersive Virtual Reality development.

Combined with our extensive live event experience we also design and develop bespoke technology to make your project unique.

360 Video Production

360 Filming In Virtually Any Environment

Whether it’s a simple shoot or a more complex project blending CGI and animation we can help. Our talented 360 video team bring experiences to life, capturing your unique requirement either on location or using our dedicated VR filming studio facilities.

We use a wide selection of camera rigs to capture the perfect shots. This enables us to shoot in almost any environment, including restricted spaces such as cars and cockpits to underwater and aerial.

Once created your 360 experience is not limited to just head mounted displays, content can be used across all digital mediums such as Facebook, YouTube bespoke apps, your website and at your events.

Virtual Reality Production

Creating Immersive VR Brand Experiences

In true VR you can move around at will in a 3D environment. This is more immersive as your movement is tracked so the world around you changes according to your view.

We develop using the latest Game engine technology such as Unity and Unreal to create amazing visual and interactive experiences. The opportunities are endless to create anything from VR explainer sequences bringing brand and message to life to fully experiential simulations and games.

Phygital’s USP is that we develop content and technology for live environments such as events or retail. We work on fully bespoke builds to more affordable off the shelf customisable solutions. Our experience extends to blending other technology such as motion seats and gesture control along with design an build.

Best thing is to experience it, so why not come and visit our fully equipped demo room?

360 Video Or Immersive VR?

VR has become the blanket term for experiences through HMDs (Head Mounted Displays). However, there are very different features that set 360 video and immersive VR experiences apart…

360 Video
In 360 video you can look around in any direction you want, but you can’t navigate it or control anything beyond the direction you are looking. You are in a fixed location viewing the captured world around you.  This has its advantages as you can not only view on a VR Headset, but also publish into traditional channels like YouTube, Facebook and your own site. Not everyone, in fact most people, won’t have a headset – so with 360 video you get maximum reach for the content as it’s mostly compatible with any technology your audience wishes to use.

Immersive VR
True VR is created in a 3D game engine, The person is in control of the experience, to move around and interact at will in simulated environments. This needs much more computing power so the best experiences are only achievable on dedicated hardware such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.


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