360 VR

The 360 Virtual Reality solution to bring your experience to life. Put your customers in a world they will never forget!

Be it a virtual test drive, a teleport to different global locations or your own creative experience; 360 VR will transport you and your audience to a new dimension.

We create the experience with the latest filming techniques combined with advanced CGI and animation.


VR Headsets, Motion Control Seats And Much More

VR Technology

With a myriad of Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) coming onto the market, which do you choose? We have all the technology and will get the right fit for your application.


We don’t stop though at just the headset, we accentuate the sensory experience my merging other experiential technology. Come and try our motion control seat for a virtual test drive or jump into our travel teleporter.


2017 is set to be a very big year for Virtual Reality, Phygital is here to support and create systems designed around you for sales and rental at trade shows, museums, brand experiences, events and training.


360 VR Filming and CGI For Virtual Reality


Imagine what you could do with Virtual Reality: Virtual Ride experience for theme parks and museums, test drives for car show rooms, teleports for travel retail – we are only limited by our own imagination.


We film real experiences produced especially for Virtual Reality using our 12 camera rig we can capture full 360 omni directional film in stereoscopic 3D so can transport your audience into any place and experience you can think of.


Your budget is maximised as all content produced is compatible with traditional distribution for videos, online 360 views or any other digital marketing initiative. Come and try it today – you will love it!


Check out 360VR

For more information, follow this link to view the 360VR website.