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The Phygital team are specialists in helping brands and their agencies to deliver memorable digital brand experiences. Working from an initial idea to execution we devise unique creative concepts and make them a reality.  Be it online, in a retail store, or at an event; we create engaging applications that give any activation a truly creative edge.

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Our brief was to create an interactive game that would showcase the new fast transform feature of the branded toy.

Our solution was a gesture-based experiential game that involved customers standing and crouching in order to make the 3D on-screen toy transform.

The more transformations in the time, the higher the score. The application was placed inside a mobile unit and used as part of a roadshow activation across the UK.

For this brand experience, the aim was to enhance their brand within the UK and spread the word on the correct pronunciation of the brand name in a fun and engaging way.

The solution was an interactive vending machine that gave customers the opportunity to complete tasks for treats & prizes.

It consisted of a digital puppet controlled by an actor inside the unit who could see & hear everything. He would set the challenges, engage and excite the customers as well as hand out the various prizes based on participation levels.

The brief on this project had several layers and included us creating various different interactive experiences. One of which was a product personalisation tool.

Users could pick from 3 different converse shoe colours and personalise to fit the style they liked. Once happy with their creation, the designs would be added to the physical product and gifted as part of the experience.

This brief was to look for interesting ways to keep customers excited and engaged in the event space while people qued for the main attraction.

The solution was to create a suite of portable mini-games which could be controlled by the customers using gesture devices. Brand ambassadors would walk around the event space prompting customers to try the experience.

The interactive gesture games were designed to be inclusive and not too challenging so that everyone could join in on the fun!

Phygital was tasked with creating a brand experience that showcased the fun side of the brand and also marketing an upcoming relevant Disney movie.

The chosen application was a gestured-based interactive flying game. Customers would use their body movements to navigate the plane to fly through the course. The more rings you passed through, the higher the score. High scores were displayed on the leaderboard alongside a photo of the customer, together with entering them into a prize draw.

This experience was used on a roadshow at various airports across the United States.

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