Virtual Showroom Production

Developed for any medium; desktop, mobile, live event, virtual reality, and augmented reality, a virtual showroom or digital showroom experience is a 3D world where customers can explore your products and services in a much more interactive and engaging way. It enhances your product experience by not only letting you show your range of products in 3D, but it is also an extremely engaging and stimulating way to show people how your service works. For example, we have created virtual 3D cities showing how connected devices work, virtual tours of new aircraft and travel destinations, digital virtual showrooms of consumer products, and photorealistic visualizations of new properties. Please chat with us to explore what we can create for you, hopefully, our creativity and ideas will inspire you.

Virtual Product Viewer

3D Virtual Product Demos

Bring your products to life online with interactive 3D. Unlike photos, virtual product demos give your customers the ability to interact with products in 3D space, look at any angle, find out every detail even get to see it in their own space using augmented reality. Interactive 3D product demonstrations are a great way to demonstrate your product in any medium and combined with a virtual assistant your virtual experience will enhance the overall buying experience for your customers.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an extension of your interactive virtual experience which helps customers find the right product. For example, a customer visits your virtual showroom but doesn’t know what product is right for them. The virtual assistant will ask a few profiling questions which narrow down product choices resulting in the best match for the customer’s needs. The virtual assistant can be enhanced by featuring a virtual 3D character to make the whole process more fun and friendly. A popular use of the virtual assistant is to enhance digital engagement in retail stores. Here the assistant is accessed by a customer scanning a QR code at the retail display, helping them choose and buy in-store.

Virtual Assistant experience

Let’s Create A Virtual Experience For You


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