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Virtual reality production specialists creating the very best real-time VR experiences and 360° films. We transport audiences to a totally new immersive world. Be it brand experiences, product demos, virtual test drives or scenario based training; the opportunities are endless.

We have experience in a wide range of subject matters having created a number of scenario based applications on subjects such as mental health, confined spaces, situational awareness and emergency response.  We also like to push the boundaries of technology, for example we have developed our own motion system for amazingly realistic driving experiences. See our case study for Mercedes where not only we have created the virtual test drive, but also the custom motion seat deployed at key retailers.

360° Video or True VR?


There is a fundamental choice to make before starting a VR production. Is it going to be 360° video or True Virtual Reality? There’s a distinct difference between the two but often confused with each other…

360° video is exactly that – video. Video that is played all around you. It’s most immersive on a VR headset, but it’s very versatile and can be played anywhere else you can use video, you have probably seen virtual property tours or experiences on YouTube and Facebook. Its the perfect medium for capturing the real world with real people and has a similar production pipeline as a regular video production. So; very flexible, cost effective and can be wildly published for all audiences with the technology in their pocket – not just people that have a VR headset. The limitation though is that it is just video in a fixed position in space, so you can’t actually move around and interact with the scene.

This is where True VR comes in. True VR (or 3D VR) is developed in a game engine – basically the same development pipeline as PlayStation or Xbox games. It’s all digital and your brain will tell you it is more realistic than 360 video because you can actually move around, look around corners and interact with objects. This is a perfect medium for creating scenarios that would be hard or impossible to film.

At Phygital we are a production company that can cater for both formats, we have the very latest in 360° camera technology and a game development pipeline. Once we understand what you are trying to achieve we can devise the best solution and technology for your application. As a first step why not pay us a visit to try out the different technology to experience yourself?

Virtual Reality Production

True VR

Immersive real time VR game development – Scenarios, Brand Experience, Training & Simulation.

360 video Production

360° Video

Storytelling through 360° video production. Fully equipped team and studio.

VR Technology Creation

VR Technology

Design and build of custom VR hardware, motion systems and haptics for ultimate experience.

Classroom VR Sync System

Classroom VR

Get shared simultaneous experience with multiple headset syncing systems for classrooms and events.

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